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Can I Surf The Internet With A Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a highly versatile device that gives users a great ability to do multiple things besides reading eBooks. All Kindle devices are equipped with a web browser, which allows users to surf the internet just like any other normal tablet. The addition of a web browser helps users download apps, books and several other content in a much easier way. Moreover, it turns Kindle into a multifunctional device.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Kindle comes in three models: 3G, Wi-Fi, and DX. Amazon says that all its models are compatible with Wi-Fi networks that use 802.11b and 802.11g. Moreover, the devices are also going to work with 802.11n if they are in “b” or “g” compatibility mode. Protected networks are also supported by Kindle using WPA, WEP, and WPA2, but it will not work with protected networks that use 802.1X authentication.

3G connectivity

Two Kindle models, the 3G and DX are packed with 3G connectivity. The device has currently joined hands with AT&T’s in the US and partner services in other parts of the world, which roughly comes out to be around 100 countries, wherever the coverage is available. This is a free service, which comes with Kindle, so there is no renewal fees or contracts.

Opening the Web Browser

There are four ways of opening Kindle web browser. One way is by clicking on a link within the text that they are reading. An alternative way of opening the browser is by clicking ‘launch browser’ option from experimental screen. Then, there is a third method as well, which involves typing a word, which will launch a menu screen at the bottom of the page. Then, you can click ‘Wikipedia’ or ‘Google’ to start a web browser and begin with your searches. Finally, you can type a web address into the search box on the homepage followed by selecting “go-to” to launch the browser on the page.


To bookmark a page, press the “Menu” button and select “Add this page.” After that, you need to press “Next Page” followed by “Previous Page” to scroll the site up and down. To move the cursor over the page, you can make use of the five-way controller. Just press the controller in order to select a link once you move the cursor over the link.


Because of Kindle’s E Ink screen, the lack of color web pages and navigation is not as good as on devices with LCD screens. Also, the absence of some of the basic web browsing input controls like touchscreen, trackpad and mouse make navigation a bit complicated. Also, keep in mind that the web browser used in the device is still in beta mode, so there will probably be flaws with how pages are loaded and displayed.

There is certainly a feature provided in Amazon Kindle for accessing internet, but then, people can access it up to a certain limit, and the experience may not be exactly the same as they would have seen while accessing internet on a computer, smartphone or tablet due to the unique display type that is being used in Kindle e-readers.

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