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Does Your Amazon Kindle eReader Give You Problems?

It is possible that with the passage of time the Amazon Kindle  Repair electronic book that you have does not work in the best possible way. If the user experience is not good, the best thing to do is to restart it from the factory because, in this way, the device is left as new.We show how to get it.

This process leaves the Amazon Kindle like the day you took it out of its box, so you have to start from scratch. If you ask about the contents that you have saved, you should know the following: those who are in the cloud do not get lost at any time. On the other hand, to avoid losing those that are physically installed in the storage of the equipment, it is necessary to make a backup because in the process that we are about to discuss can remove your data, which could be devastating for you, especially when you have a great collection of books.

Amazon Kindle models compatible with the restart

The processes that we are going to indicate are compatible with the third generation or more modern Kindle Fire Repair, so it is not possible to follow the steps in the previous model. If you are not clear about exactly what you have in your hands, in this link of the online store you can see a representative image that surely takes you out of doubt.By the way, to complete everything, it is not necessary to use applications or any software.

Steps to restart an Amazon Kindle

This is what you must do to leave this accessory of the online store as new and, therefore, stop giving problems when it comes to enjoying reading:

  • Turn on the eReader you want to restart
  • Access ‘Start’ and, subsequently, the section called ‘Menu’.
  • The next thing is to choose ‘Settings’ and, in the new options that you see on the Amazon Kindle screen, you must select again ‘Menu’.
  • Now you will see the function that you must use that is called Reset device in the most modern models or, if you have one something older, it will be called ‘Restore the default configuration’.
  • Use this option and then start the process of restarting the eReader. It only remains to wait for everything to end
  • When this happens, you will verify that the device is as new and perfectly functional. Therefore, the Amazon Kindle  Fire Repair will no longer give you problems (you must connect it to a Wi-Fi network again and, of course, enter the username and password of your online store account)

It is important to bear in mind that once this process is done it is not possible to go back, so you have to be completely sure that restarting the Amazon Kindle is something you want to do without any doubt and that you have everything completely prepared.


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