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How To Enable VoiceOver Feature For Listening To Kindle eBooks?

VoiceOver is a feature that has been specifically designed to make iPads and iPhones more accessible to the visually impaired. This feature comes with the ability to narrate all content on the iOS device interface. However, there is a catch, i.e., this incredible feature can only use its interpretation mechanisms in one reading app, i.e., Kindle.

Kindle Screen Repair with a wide range of commands and several configuration options, VoiceOver is also a convenient ally for compulsive readers who want to continue their books while driving, working out, or performing other activities. If you think you or someone you know who loves books can make use of such a facility, then we will suggest that you should definitely go for this app because it comes with a life-changing experience.

You are surely going to like the ability that you get in terms of listening to your favorite eBooks and do other tasks simultaneously. If you want to know how to enable Amazon Kindle Repair and adjust this tool in the Amazon App, then that is exactly what we are going to discuss in the forthcoming section.

Step 1: Click on the “Settings” app icon to start device settings.

Step 2: In the “Accessibility” options, which you can find in the “General” menu, you need to activate VoiceOver leaving the key in the “Active” position.

Step 3: With the tool turned on, tap the Kindle application once to select it, and double-click to launch it.

Step 4: Click on a book from your library to select it and tap with one finger twice in a row to open it.

Step 5: With the book open, drag down two fingers on the screen to start reading the text of the viewed pages. To continually interpret the entire content of the book, drag two fingers upward.

Step 6: In addition, you can repeat specific portions of the text on the pages. For that, you need to tap those portions directly on the screen with your finger.

Step 7: To go to the book menu, displaying adjustment options and also describing the page and position, tap once on the screen with three fingers.

Step 8: With a series of gestures for ease of use, VoiceOver also features a wide range of settings to make your narration more user-friendly.

Well, folks, that was all about using VoiceOver for Kindle Fire Repair readings. This feature has the ability to change the way you’ve reading eBooks until now. You can follow the aforementioned steps to activate the feature on your device, which seem to be straightforward steps. However, if you come across any problem while performing the steps, then you can consult Kindle support, as they are well aware of such tricky yet useful procedures. They will surely be able to help you out with this matter.

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