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How To Read Google Books On Amazon Kindle

Kindle is Amazon’s proprietary eBook reader, with which you can purchase and download digital reading content from the online Kindle Store. You can also import your existing eBook library from your computer, and purchase copyright-free content from online repositories such as Google Books. Kindle is not natively compatible with the Google Books service, but you can still purchase your content through alternative methods.

Download as PDF

Kindle supports Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format files natively, allowing you to transfer your existing PDF eBooks to your device via a USB cable. Find an eBook on the Google Books you want to read, and click the “Read on your device” link in the right column. Click the “Download PDF” button to save the eBook to your computer as a PDF file. This file can then be transferred to your Kindle by connecting it to your computer via the USB cable and copying the PDF file to your Kindle’s “Documents” folder.

Convert ePub Files

Google Books also allows you to download eBooks in ePub format. Kindle does not natively support ePub files, but you can easily convert them to a Kindle-compatible format using free online conversion tools. Click the “Download ePub” button in Google Books, and open a conversion tool such as Online- or in your computer’s browser. Upload the ePub file to the conversion tool using the “Choose File” button, and allow it to convert the ePub to Kindle MOBI – compatible format. Save the MOBI file to Kindle.

Caliber eBook Manager

Caliber eBook Manager software can import books from Google Books, convert them, and save them to Kindle. Download and install Caliber –, select “Kindle” as your favorite reading device, and enter your Kindle email address when prompted. Click the “Add Book” button from the menu at the top of Caliber, and select a saved Google Books PDF or ePub file. Caliber will convert the file into a compatible AWZ Kindle file and automatically email it to your Kindle.

Kindle Browser

When launching the web browser from the “Kindle Experimental” menu, you can navigate to and sign in using your Google account username and password. Select the “My Library” link in the left column using the Kindle five-way controller, and click the “Read Now” button next to your eBooks. Google will display the eBook in the browser window, allowing you to read it as long as your Kindle stays connected to a free Wi-Fi network. If your Kindle 3G is equipped, you can read it without the need for a free Wi-Fi connection.

There are numerous options available when it comes to reading Google books on Kindle, so you need to identify the option that you think is most suitable for you.

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