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How To Solve Battery And eBooks Getting Disappeared Issues In Kindle?

While there are many high points for Amazon Kindle Repair, but Kindle has written a unique success story for the company. Amazon has launched a wide range of Kindle models after seeing the success of the first Kindle model. The proficiency of Kindle as an e-reader can be found out from the fact that there are far more positive reviews for all Kindle models than negative reviews.

However, that doesn’t mean Kindle Fire Repair models don’t experience issues because there have been many occasions where Kindle has stopped working or performed ridiculously slow.  Here are the two most common issues that arise in Kindle Fire, one of the most incredible Kindle models.

Problem: The Battery

A few Kindle Fire owners have experienced problems with sudden or unexplained battery depletion. If you too are dealing with this problem, then here is what you are going to do.


To fix the problem, press and hold ‘On/off’ button for 40 seconds or until the device restarts itself and begins to work normally.

There could be a chance of one or more of the applications that you have installed causing the problem. To fix the problem, go to ‘Settings’, then go to ‘Applications and Games’ and followed by ‘Manage all applications’. After that, you need to uninstall the apps one by one and test them to see if you are able to find the faulty app.

Alternatively, you can factory reset the device and install the apps that you find faulty. At the same time, monitor the changes in the battery consumption of the device. In case, you are looking to restore the factory settings, make sure to have a backup of all the data that is stored on the device. Once all the backup has been taken, you need to go to ‘Settings’, then, ‘Device Options’ and finally, ‘Reset to factory defaults’.

Other Solutions: Make a habit of turning off the tablet when not in use. Press and hold the power button until the shutdown box appears. Once it appears, press ‘OK’.

If you don’t wish to turn the device completely while not in use, activate ‘Airplane mode’. You can go to ‘Settings’, then ‘On’ and activating ‘smart auto-sleep’.

Another way of saving the battery life of Kindle Fire tablet is enabling ‘Low Power Mode’, which you can find in ‘Settings’ and then, ‘Power’. It will dim the screen and if you want, you can configure the device to enable this option automatically.

Problem: eBooks disappears or not working

If you are not seeing the eBooks that you have downloaded after restarting the device or eBooks not working in offline mode, then there are two ways to fix the problem.


In case you have installed Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire Screen Repair, then that could be the reason for the occurrence of the problem, You need to uninstall the play store in order to restore the functionality of Kindle.

Return to Google Play Store main page and tap ‘three vertical lines’ given at the top left followed by scrolling down to select ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Update applications automatically’. After that, you need to select ‘Do not update applications automatically’.

You will be able to update the apps manually by opening the Google Play Store by tapping those same vertical lines and then, selecting ‘My apps and games’ followed by the ‘Updates’ tab. Click the ‘Update’ option that is given right next to the individual apps you would like to update, but makes sure not to update the Amazon or Kindle apps.

If you don’t have the Google Play Store, try to sync your books followed by pressing and holding the power button for 40 seconds or until the device restarts itself. You can also go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Applications and games’ followed by ‘Manage all apps’. Then, search for Kindle app and tap ‘Force stop’ and ‘Clear Cache’.


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