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How To Troubleshoot Broken Amazon Kindle Fire HD Screen?

Kindle Screen Repair

The screen of your Amazon Kindle Fire HD controls both the touch function and the main image display, so if anything happens to the screen, then that means, you can’t read your favorite books. If the top glass of the screen is broken, then the touch function becomes unresponsive or you have no image display. Now, you will have to opt for Kindle Screen Repair because a broken screen can only be repaired or replaced.

The screen features both, the top digitizer and lower LCD, which are fused together for easy assembly. Let’s discuss the steps that you can perform in order to fix the damaged screen of Kindle Fire HD.

  1. If your digitizer is not responding to touch, then you need to re-attempt the repair, but make sure that the cable isn’t crimped or folded too much because if it is, then it will result in minute fractures in the thin metal inside a flex cable. If there is any crack in the metal, then power and other impulses will not be able to flow through the device.
  2. If only a few selected grid of icons are not working, then the issue is related to misaligned cable. You need to open your device and make sure that all the connectors on the flex cable match up. If you find that the plug is off center, then there will be a problem called ‘blocking’, which is a term that can happen if your digitizer cable or motherboard plug have bent or missing pins. You need to put these pins back into their original place in order to make the device work again.
  3. If you are seeing the black or white display, then you need to soft reset your device. This problem is related to a problem in the internal software, which doesn’t want to accept new parts. The problem can be fixed by soft resetting the device, as it clears the device of any temporary data, which blocks the new part from working.
  4. You need to check if your screen’s backlight is turned on. If it is not, then maybe your new LCD isn’t plugged in the right way. Try to Kindle Fire Screen Repair again and make sure that the new part is properly installed.
  5. In case you see blotches on your display, then that’s the indication of too much pressure applied to the LCD. To fix it, open the device and check if there is any residual glass from the original broken screen. If there is, then clean it. Now you need to disable ‘Sleep Mode’ and leave the device on the charger for 24 hours.
  6. If you have been constantly charging your Kindle device, then that could result in heat generation, which further leads in the crystals inside the Amazon Kindle Repair to move back into place.

If the aforementioned troubleshooting doesn’t work, or you are seeing lines down your Kindle’s display, then you might be having a defective or broken part, so you must go for Kindle Screen Repair because that’s the only option left for you.

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