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How To Troubleshoot Six Common Problems In Kindle 7th Generation

Kindle 7th Generation is one of the most advanced e-readers in the world, but is it immune to technical glitches? Well, not exactly because users have experienced problems on their Kindle 7th Gen from time to time. Today, the entire discussion will be on the six most common problems in Kindle 7th Gen and their solution.

Keyboard Typing Wrong

If you are having trouble typing on your Amazon Kindle Repair, sometimes strange characters may appear on the screen, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully wipe the screen with a completely dry microfiber cloth
  2. If it does not work, clean with a damp cloth, but very little and only water
  3. Restart your kindle: Settings, Device Options, then click Settings again, Restart (or the same step as in the “Lock Screen” item
  4. Make sure your protective film is not interfering with typing (old or torn, for example)
  5. If nothing says resolve, you should refer it to an authorized service center

Problem connecting with PC

If you are unable to connect your Kindle Fire Repair to your PC, try these steps:

  1. Clean the USB port of your kindle with a small brush (clean and dry) to remove any dirt
  2. Replace the USB port of the computer you are connecting or the charger (if applicable)
  3. Replace the USB cable, it may be faulty
  4. If you can not, you can usually use your PC to buy the books and then sync via Wifi on your Kindle


If your kindle is overheating, check:

  1. The protective cover may be preventing it from cooling, always use original covers
  2. Clean your kindle to get all the dust off
  3. Restart your kindle
  4. Reset your kindle
  5. If none of this fits, it’s time to call Amazon

Does not start or hang at the beginning

  1. When your Kindle Screen Repair doesn’t start, try hard reset, which is holding down the power button for 40 seconds.
  2. During this time it will turn off and on several times, but keep the button pressed until it completes the 40 seconds.
  3. This will not clear your data

Not charging

When Kindle doesn’t charge, we have a few basic and simple steps to solve:

  1. Clean with a thin brush and dry the hole of the USB port of the Kindle
  2. If you are trying to charge from your computer, try another USB port or even another computer.
  3. Make sure USB is really working by plugging another device into this same port before trying something different.
  4. Try with a wall charger (any cell phone will do), as these USB chargers are universal.They convert the 110 / 220v AC to 5V DC, the standard of any USB.
  5. Replace the cable, preferably with an Amazon original.

Does not connect to Wi-Fi network

  1. Make sure airplane mode in the menu is active: Settings, Airplane mode (Leave off )
  2. Check for other wireless networks: Settings, Wi-Fi networks
  3. Share your cell phone connection to see if it will be located by the Kindle
  4. If only your router is not listed, try turning it off and then on again (and click check again)
  5. Check your router for security (encryption) options for WPA2 Personal, TKIP + AES.


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