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Why My Kindle Does Not Recover Books?

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Amazon allows you to archive books and other reading materials. This removes the hardware from your Kindle and stores it on Amazon servers. When you want to recover a book that you have previously archived, you choose the directory from the list of archived files and download it to your Kindle. If a problem occurs that prevents you from recovering archived books, some Kindle terms or settings may be to blame.

Low battery charge

The Kindle requires a sufficient battery charge to download reading material successfully. An improper charge may make it impossible to recover the archived books. Connect your Kindle to a power source and let the device charge. Remove your Kindle from the power source when the light on the bottom of the device turns green, indicating a full charge.

Disabled Wireless

If you do not connect your Kindle to a computer to transfer files to the device, you must turn on wireless connectivity on your Kindle to download the archived reading material. Confirm that you have Wi-Fi enabled on your Kindle by checking the wireless status indicator found in the upper right corner of the screen. If the indicator says “Off,” then enable your Kindle’s wireless settings by pressing the “Menu” button and using the controller to navigate to the “Wireless Turn On/Off” option. Once you turn on wireless, your Kindle can connect to Amazon’s Whispernet service to download books, or it can connect to another wireless network.

Low wireless signal

A weak wireless signal can prevent you from successfully downloading books to your Kindle. Use the wireless status indicator found in the upper right corner of your Kindle to check the strength of your Kindle’s wireless connection. The signal strength indicator consists of five bars. The higher the number of black bars filled indicates greater signal strength. Only one or two full bars indicate a weak signal and the Kindle can not download books successfully. All the bars described in gray indicate that the Kindle is checking the signal strength, a process that usually takes 30 seconds or less. If the wireless signal appears weak.

Glitch synchronization

Sometimes the problem prevents you from downloading archived books on your Kindle results from an unexplained bug. This bug prevents your Kindle from synchronizing with the server storing your archived files. When this happens, restarting your Kindle may solve the problem. To restart your Kindle, press the “Menu” key on the Home Page, then select “Settings” then “Menu” from the available options. Then select “Restart” to restart your Kindle.

This is how you can recover your Kindle eBooks and put it back to your library of eBooks. However, if your reason for not being able to recover kindle books is different from the aforementioned is different, then you should contact Kindle experts to find out and fix the problem your Kindle device is dealing with.

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